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Rigshospitalet - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital

Increasing incidence of human male reproductive health disorders in relation to environmental effects on growth- and sex steroid-induced alterations in programmed development

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A project funded under the EU FP5, key action 4 (contract nr. QLK4-1999-01422) on understanding the increasing incidences of human male reproductive health disorders in Western countries. The project was coodinated by Dept. of Growth and Reproduction, Rigshospitalet. The other partners (PIs) in the project were:
Professor Jorma Toppari: Department of Physiology and Paediatrics, University of Turku, Finland
Professor Richard Sharpe: Medical Research Council, Reproductive Biology Unit, Edinburgh, UK
Professor Ieuan Hughes :Department of Paediatrics, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK
Professor Pierre Jouannet: Laboratoire de Biologie de la Reproduction, Groupe Hospitalier Cochin, Faculté de Médecine, Paris, France
Professor Charles Sultan: Endocrinologie/Gynécologie Pédiatrique, Service de Pédiatrie 1, Hôspital A. de Villeneuve, Montpellier, France
Professor Nicolas Olea: Departemento Radiologia y Medicina Física, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Granada, Granada , Spain
Professor Shanna Swan: Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Missouri, USA,
Professor Teruaki Iwamoto: Department of Urology, St. Marianna University, School of medicine, Kawasaki, Japan

ID: 55101298