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Rigshospitalet - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Professor and Consultant in Clinical Immunology, Dept. of Clinical Immunology, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen.

Board certified medical specialist in Clinical Immunology.

PhD and doctoral thesis in stress and infectious immunology.

Head of studies for Master Program in Personalized Medicine and Professor with teaching and supervisor functions, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Dept. of Clinical Medicine.

Translational research in personalized medicine with focus on developing immunophenotyping as a diagnostic tool for tailored care in patients with (suspect) immune dysfunction or undergoing immunomodulating interventions, mapping iatrogenic- and host factors that interact with the immunophenotype through a systems immunology approach.

Interdisciplinary development of algorithms applying immunophenotyping for diagnosing, monitoring, risk stratification and guiding immune modulating intervention in patients with disease- or iatrogenic induced immune dysfunction.

Revealing the link between immunophenotype and genotype.

Focus on platelets as immune competent cells and modulators of inflammation and responsible for an ISO certified flow cytometric analyses of patients suspect for inherited platelet disorders.

Main research areas

Developing immunologic phenotyping as a diagnostic tool.

Diagnostics, monitoring and risk stratification of immune dysfunction.  

Immunopathogenesis in immune dysfunction.

Immunomodulating interventions.

Personalized medicine.

Current research

Interdisciplinary clinical research in critically ill patients with severe infections (including COVID-19), cancer, undergoing immune modulating interventions etc., revealing immunopathologic phenotypes associated with clinical outcome (infectious or inflammatory complications, organ failure, mortality etc.).

Design of randomized clinical trials testing algorithms and immune modulating interventions based on immunophenotyping and EHR data.

Revealing the association between immunophenotype, genotype and transcriptome, applying a systems immunology approach.

The role of platelets in immune (dys)function and clinical outcome in critically ill patients.

Laboratory research in immuno(patho)logy and development and validation of novel immunophenotyping techniques.

Potential conflicts of interest

Co-inventor on 5 patents. 

ID: 36974