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Recovery and intervention aftertraumaticbraininjury (TBI); Rehabilitation; Childhood TBI; Spinal CordInjury; Manual-basedfamily intervention; RandomizedControlled Trial; Neurobehavioural disability (NBD); long-term psychosocialoutcomefollowing TBI; St Andrew's Swansea NeurobehaviouralOutcomeScale (SASNOS) 

Main research areas

Manualizedfamily intervention for families living with the consequences of traumaticinjury to the brain or spinal cord

Potential conflicts of interest

No conflicts of interest.

Current research

Effect of a manualizedfamily intervention followingtraumaticbraininjury or spinal cordinjury. 

Purpose: The aim is to investigate if a newlydeveloped manualizedfamily intervention for families living with traumaticinjury to the brain or spinal cordwillimprove the wholefamily'squality of life (QoL) and decreaseself-perceivedburden 

The included families willrandomlybeallocated to an intervention group or a controlgroup (ratio 1:1). The intervention groupswill receive eightstructured sessions of 90 minutesduration. The controlgroupswill receiveonepsychoeducationalgroup session of a 2 hourduration. All families willcompletequestionnaires on QoL, burden, familydynamics, problem-solvingstrategies, mental health and resilience at pre-intervention, post-intervention and at 6-month follow-up 

Design: An interventional, two-arm, randomizedcontrolledtrial (RCT). 

Estimatedenrollment: During a 2-year period, 132 families with TBI or tSCIwillberecruited from the Eastern part of Denmark. Inclusioncommenced in October 2018 

ID: 46040342