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Rigshospitalet - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital

Per Munck af Rosenschöld


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Stereotactic radiotherapy; Image-guided radiotherapy; Neuro-radiation oncology; Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy;  Proton therapy; Pediatric radiation oncology

Main research areas

Stereotactic radiotherapy; Image-guided radiotherapy; Neuro-radiation oncology; Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy;  Proton therapy; Pediatric radiation oncology

Current research

Functional imaging for treatment planning and response assessment

Molecular and functional imaging can reveal tumor regions with high metabolic activity, high proliferation rate or insufficient oxygen supply, which may be a marker for increased risk of tumor relapse. In this research focus area, we attempt to explore alternate treatment strategies that are better tailored towards the individual patient’s disease using experimental imaging.


High precision radiation therapy

Technology for the improved in-treatment room imaging, improved image-guidance protocols, improved treatment optimization and delivery will be explored. In this research focus area, we attempt to explore of radiotherapy image-guidance technology to reduce the treatment uncertainty margins, and thereby incidental irradiation of healthy structures. 


Bio-effect modelling and radiotherapy outcomes analysis


In this research focus area, we attempt to analyse prior radiotherapy data and produce models for radiotherapy response. We use these models to make informed decisions on future clinical radiotherapy protocols, in which we aim for improved cure-rates and/or reduced radiotherapy-related side-effects.  

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