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Nicolas Rapin


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Bioinformatics;RNA-seq;Machine Learning;Genomics;Computational Biology;Microarray Analysis;Cancer;Immunology;Lifesciences;Data Mining;Mathematical Modeling;Molecular Biology;Life Sciences;Genetics;Sequencing;Cell;DNA;Cell Biology;Cancer Research;Biochemistry;Systems Biology;qPCR;Microbiology;Clinical Research;ODE;Bio simulation;Protein Expression;Protein Chemistry;RNAseq;Biocomputational analysis of big data;

Main research areas

Cancer Bioinformatics; Acute Myeloid Leukemia; Leukemia

Current research

My research is focused on three main axes.  The first is about integrative genomic analysis of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) gene expression profiles. I also like to focus on the development of novel interactive visualization tools for advanced data-mining of cancer/immunological data sets to improve prognostication as well as identification and targeting of aberrantly expressed genes or gene isoforms. This is where my research can bridge the gap between bioinformatics and clinicians/biologists. Finally, the goal is to translate all tools and methods previously developed to study other cancers than AML.


Potential conflicts of interest


ID: 33285733