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Rigshospitalet - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Urology, research, databases, statistics

Main research areas

Prostate cancer research based on the Danish Prostate Cancer Registry (DaPCaR). DaPCaR is a unique database including 114.000 Danish men who had prostatic or seminal vesical tissue pathologically assessed. The first update and expansion of the database is planned in spring 2017.

Current research

Identification of the diagnostic characteristics of men dying from prostate cancer, and investigating the temporal trends in survival of these patients. Analyzing the effects on survival from alterations in diagnostic activity and the introduction of several life-prolonging treatments in a population-based setting provides the opportunity to investigate the effects of lead-time, length-time, and overdiagnosis in prostate cancer induced by PSA-screening. Through cooperation with the dept. of urology, Stanford University access to the SEER-database offers advanced opportunities to validate all findings.

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