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Section for Surgical Pathophysiology - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital

Section for Surgical Pathophysiology

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Aims and objectives

1) To perform research within perioperative pathophysiology in order to further develop and implement fast-track surgical programme across specialities and hospitals on a nationwide and international basis.

2) To describe and analyse perioperative factors for development of persistent post surgical pain in order to outline strategies for prevention and treatment on a nationwide and international basis.


Focus areas

The research focus on pain physiology and management, fluid management, minimal invasive surgery, surgical care principles, rehabilitation and organisational aspects has documented the concept of fast-track surgery to lead to major reduction in postoperative hospitalisation, medical complications, convalescence and costs across surgical procedures.

The results represent a unique combination of improved quality with concomitant reduction of costs. Current research focuses on each of the components in order to achieve the ultimate goal: “The pain and risk free operation”.

A second focus is on “Persistent post surgical pain” with nationwide studies in hernia, breast and pulmonary surgery to outline the pathogenesis and strategies for prevention and treatment. Current research focuses on the relative role of pre-, intra- and postoperative risk factors.

Finally the unit serves the scientific management and secretariat of the Lundbeck Foundation Centre for Fast-track Hip and Knee replacement, where studies have major national and international impact. 


Disciplines, methods and tools

The unit provides high-level international evidence mainly from large prospective cohort studies and RCTs across surgical procedures. The unit’s function is characterised to be multidisciplinary, multicenter and multinational and to implement clinical research into clinical practise. ???


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