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Copenhagen Trial Unit - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Aims and objectives

The Copenhagen Trial Unit (CTU) aims to:

  • support, coordinate, and conduct randomised clinical trials in the primary and secondary health-care sectors. The trials may have preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, or care objectives;
  • support, coordinate, and conduct systematic reviews of the literature based on meta-analyses, and participate in the international Cochran Collaboration;
  • participate in the development of methods for randomised clinical trials and meta-analyses;
  • educate students, candidates, and researchers in evidence-based medicine, randomised clinical trials, meta-analyses, and Trial Sequential Analysis.





Focus areas

The CTU is a clinical intervention research unit conducting clinical research within all specialities. We offer flexible collaboration and consulting at all stages of clinical research.

We provide expertise and infrastructure in planning, conduct, analysis, and interpretation of randomised clinical trials, including development of trial methodology and education.

We provide advice, support, and full collaboration during the protocol and systematic review development. We offer expertise in search strategy design, conduct literature searches for systematic reviews, and offer help with or conduct of meta-analyses and Trial Sequential Analysis.

Disciplines, methods and tools

CTU collaborates with academy and industry to constantly improve the methods of the randomised clinical trials and systematic reviews of such trials, herewith decreasing the risks of systematic errors (bias) and the risks of random errors (play of chance).

European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network:

Nordic Trial Alliance:


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Copenhagen Trial Unit
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Contact information

Tagensvej 22, Department 7812, 2200 Copenhagen N
  • Phone: 35457155

ID: 32183547