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Diagnostic Radiology, Department of - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
  1. Best Abstract: Effect of eccentric training on hamstring injuries in football: a cluster-randomised trial including 942 football players

    Petersen, J. (Recipient), Thorborg, K. (Recipient), Nielsen, Michael Bachmann (Recipient), Budtz-Jørgensen, E. (Recipient) & Hölmich, P. (Recipient), 2010

    Prize: Prizes, scholarships, distinctions

  2. Best Abstract Poster: Eccentric and isometric strength in soccer players with and without adductor related groin pain: an assessor-blinded comparison

    Thorborg, K. (Recipient), Branci, Sonia (Recipient), Nielsen, M. P. (Recipient), Tang, L. (Recipient), Nielsen, Michael Bachmann (Recipient) & Hölmich, P. (Recipient), 2014

    Prize: Prizes, scholarships, distinctions

ID: 405