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Clinical Immunology - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Aims and objectives

The department is responsible for education and research in areas related to innate and adaptive immunology, leukaemia, transplantation immunology, stem cell transplantation, foetomaternal bleeding, donor health, transfusion medicine and biobanking from diagnostics and treatment to follow-up of patients. The research ranges from patient-focused clinical research to molecular biological studies of disease processes.

Focus areas

Main areas are innate immunity with focus on the complement system, regulation of the inflammatory response, transplantation immunology especially humoral rejection mechanisms, minimal residual disease in leukaemia patients, characterization of immunodeficiencies and auto immune diseases,  bleeding and coagulopathy in critical illness, patient blood management with focus on anaemia, health of blood donors with focus on donor iron metabolism, cell therapy including advanced therapy medicines products, adult and fetomaternal immunohematology and antenatal blood type genetics.

Disciplines, methods and tools

The Department offers a plethora of molecular, cellular, biochemical and advanced statistical methods. It harbours both animal models and state of the art laboratory equipment.

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Department of Clinical Immunology

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