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Implementation of a Cross-specialty Training Program in Basic Laparoscopy

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Several surgical specialties use laparoscopy and share many of the same techniques and challenges, such as entry approaches, equipment, and complications. However, most basic training programs focus on a single specialty. The objective of this study was to describe the implementation of a regional cross-specialty training program for basic laparoscopy, to increase the flexibility of educational courses, and to provide a more efficient use of simulation equipment.

METHODS: Using a regional training program in basic laparoscopy for gynecology as a model, we developed a cross-specialty training program for residents in surgery, gynecology, urology, and thoracic surgery. We reviewed data on training for the first year of the program and evaluated the program by using a scoring system for quality criteria for laparoscopic curricula and skills.

RESULTS: We held 6 full-day theoretical courses involving 67 residents between September 1, 2013, and August 31, 2014. In the weeks following each course, residents practiced in a self-directed, distributed, and proficiency-based manner at a simulation center and in local hospital departments. A total of 57 residents completed the self-practice and a subsequent practical animal laboratory-based course. The structure of the training program was evaluated according to identified quality criteria for a skills laboratory, and the program scored 38 of a maximum 62 points.

DISCUSSION: Implementation of a regional cross-specialty training program in basic laparoscopy is feasible. There are several logistic benefits of using a cross-specialty approach; however, it is important that local departments include specialty-specific components, together with clinical departmental follow-up.

TidsskriftJSLS : Journal of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons / Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
Udgave nummer4
StatusUdgivet - 4 nov. 2015

ID: 46035354