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Headache resilience

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  1. headache resiliences

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For most disorders, we are confined to study the disorders itself. This is intuitive. However, it is possible to identify individuals who are resilient to common disorders, i.e. study individuals who have never had the illness. Headache is so common (79% in Europe1 that it is ideal to study resilience. Our preliminary results showed that 4% never had a headache attack. Studying headache resilience will enable us to assess the headache etiopathology from a novel and unique perspective, and allow us to identify factors that protect against headache with a potential to suggest new treatment paradigms. In a series of studies, we shall describe headache resilience and propose a molecular pathology. Initially, we will describe resilient individuals, by testing three hypothesis: headache resilient individuals differ a) socio-demographically, b) in their lifestyle, and c) having fewer comorbidities compared with individuals that experience headache or migraine. We will address the pathology by first testing four hypothesis: Headache resilience d) is an inherited trait, e) is polygenic, f) is associated with protective markers in headache-specific pathways, and g) associated variants are negatively correlated migraine, depression, ADHD, and anxiety.

ID: 66220757