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Medical gastroenterology; Intestinal failure; Home parenteral nutrition; Catheter-related bloodstream infections

Primære forskningsområder

My main research focus is in the intersection between medical gastroenterolgy and clinical microbiology, with special attention to patients with intestinal failure and the need for home parenteral nutrition. The concurrent need for a permanent central venous catheter inflicts a constant risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections. The diagnosis, prevention and treatment of these, often biofilm-associated infections are the main focus for my research.

Aktuel forskning

A double-blinded, randomized controlled investigation of taurolidine-citrate-heparin catheter lock solution versus heparin in patients on home parenteral nutrition with previously proven high risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections.  

Mulige interessekonflikter

TauroPharm GmbH

ID: 49151606