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Molecular mechanisms of cancer invasion; Targeted drug delivery; Proteolytic enzymes; Endocytic receptors; Extracellular matrix; Antibody technology; Biomarkers (molecular aspects)

Primære forskningsområder

Cancer invasion; Targeted drug delivery; Extracellular matrix (ECM); Endocytic receptors; Extracellular proteolysis; Collagen and collagen turnover

Aktuel forskning

We work to understand the cellular and biochemical mechanisms utilized by malignant tumor cells for destruction of neighboring tissues and the extracellular matrix (ECM) during the process of cancer invasion. These processes are a prerequisite for cancer metastasis. Furthermore, we work to exploit this knowledge for the development of novel cancer therapy. In particular, we study 1) the degradation mechanisms directed against collagens and other ECM components in cancer and the responsible proteolytic enzymes and cellular receptors; 2) strategies for therapeutic counteraction of these processes, and 3) targeted drug delivery to cancer cells, utilizing the cellular proteins of our primary interest.

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