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Medical oncology; early clinical trials; genomic profiling

Primære forskningsområder

First-in-man phase I clinical trials, dose finding trials and other early clinical trials.

Aktuel forskning

Genomic profiling including whole exome sequencing, SNP array, RNA sequencing of patients with solid tumours with the aim of optimizing the selection of patients for early clinical trials. Identification of driver mutations in circulating tumour DNA, monitoring of targeted therapy by tracking of driver mutations in circulating tumour DNA. Pharmacokinetics of novel anticancer drugs including drug-drug interactions. Pharmacodynamics of novel anticancer drugs in repeat biopsies. Patients’ decision-making when entering a phase I trial, and patients’ and their relatives’ perception of the information prior to enrolment.

Mulige interessekonflikter

Consultant and adviser for the Danish Cancer Society.  Member of the expert panel on experimental therapy under the Danish Medical Agency.   

ID: 33633