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Type 1 diabetes, Immunology, Molecular biology, Cell biology, Intestinal permeability, Pancreas stereology, Laboratory animal science

Primære forskningsområder

Understanding the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes (and type 2 diabetes), including how environmental factors like gluten contribute to the disease(s). Special interests include:

-prenatal nutrition and fetal programming 
-the immune system 
-intestinal permeability 
-morphological changes of the intestine and pancreas 
-association between celiac disease and type 1 diabetes
-salivary glands and saliva
-association between neuropsychiatric diseases and type 1 diabetes

Aktuel forskning

Unraveling how increased intestinal permeability is involved in type 1 diabetes. 
Lipidomic profiling of body fluids, aiming at identifying defects and biomarkers specific for type 1 diabetes.
Understanding the association between neuropsychiatric diseases and type 1 diabetes by investigating changes in the central nervous system in animal models.

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ID: 40878438