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Acute myeloid leukemia, Myelodysplastic syndrome and allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation.

Primære forskningsområder

Clinical reasearch: PI/Co-investigator on national and international Clinical protocols for AML/high risk MDS patients and allogeneic transplanted patients.

Qualitative, Clinical research:

PHD study defended 2004: Acute myeloid leukemia patients' experience of illness and treatment. A qualitative study.

PhD Head Supervisor for Lene Ø Jepsen: Outpatient management of acute leukemia patients. The experience of patients and their relatives in a rehabilitation perspective. PhDdefense april 2016. 

Epidemiological research based on The Danish Acute Leukemia Database - as part of the Danish Acute Leukemia Study Group.





National coordinator/PI: NMDSG14B Prospective MRD-study for allo HCT pts with myeloid diseases

Co investigator: Reach 2 and 3: ruxolitinib for acute and Chronic GvHd

PI: Nordic retrospective study of allo HCT pts with CMML


Aktuel forskning

PI/national coordinator: NMDSG14B . a prospective Nordic MRD-study for allo´HCT pt with myeloid diseases

PI: a retrospective nordic study of allogeneic transplanted patients with CMML

Co-investigator: Reach 2 and 3: ruxolitinib for acute and chronic GvHd, respectively

Co-investigator: MORPHO a phase III study with the Flt3-inhibitor Gilteritinib as maintenance after allo-HCT

Part of Rigshospital's Fungus Stewardship group: Invasive aspergillus infection following allo HCT.  A prospective stewardship study for diagnosis and treatment.

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ID: 46004288