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otology; otorhinaloryngology; medical education; virtual reality simulation; surgical simulation; technical skills training; assessment; medical technology; computers and innovation; mastoidectomy; middle ear disease; clinical databases; cognitive load theory; motor skills learning; self-directed training; directed, self-regulated learning; head-mounted displays; fidelity; learning curves; practice organization; curriculum design; curriculum implementation; expert sampling; simulator metrics; automated assessment; post-graduate training; temporal bone surgery.

Primære forskningsområder

My principal research interests are otology and clinical otorhinolaryngology, post-graduate medical education and surgical training, and computers and medical technology. My research has focused on virtual reality simulation of the mastoidectomy procedure in training novices, and technical skills assessment. I also have research experience in middle ear disease and post-operative clinical outcome of surgery as well as clinical databases, questionnaires and audiology.

Aktuel forskning

I am currently researching advanced virtual reality otosurgical simulation and the role of practice distribution, simulator-integrated tutoring, directed self-regulated learning, fidelity and graphic realism. The goal is to improve virtual reality simulation of temporal bone surgery using an integrative approach with the ultimate goal of advancing training and improving patient outcome in otology.

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