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Biomarkers; risk assessment; cluster randomized trials; triage

Primære forskningsområder

Risk assessment and triage are central tasks in an emergency department. The presently used algorithms are time consuming and not based on evidence and could potentially do more harm than benefit for the patients.

The general aims of the research in the emergency department are to improve and validate risk assessment and triage in order to optimize patient handling the first hours following admission.


The research has three specific focus areas

  1. Development and validation of systematic triage algorithms with special focus on simplification of existing algorithms and the use of clinical judgement as an integrated part of triage.
  2. Systematic use of well-known and experimental biomarkers as risk stratification and diagnostic tools in an emergency department. The aim is to identify not only high risk patients but also patients that are eligible for early discharge and out-patient follow-up.
  3. Screening of high risk patients in the emergency department with acute full-body CT scans

Aktuel forskning

CT-screening of high risk patients - a pilot study

Development and validation of a new triage algorithm

Does acute measurement of biochemical markers increase patient progonosis - a cluster randomized trial

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