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cancer genomics; genomic structural variants; data analysis; next-generation sequencing; bioinformatics; tumour heterogeneity

Primære forskningsområder

mechanisms and functional consequences of genomic alterations in cancer; integrative data analysis; prostate cancer; glioblastoma; chromatin conformation and influence on mutation rate; precision oncology

Aktuel forskning

Our research is focused on two main areas i) integrating high-throughput sequencing data with clinical, genomic and chromatin conformation data to identify causes and consequences of genomic alterations in cancer and ii) utilize the information to guide better treatment (precision oncology). We are pursuing analysis in single tumour entities (prostate cancer and glioblastoma) as well as across different tumour entities (pan-cancer), to identify common, and distinct mechanisms.

My group is affiliated with Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC), Copenhagen University, where we share infrastructure and scientific seminars. I am responsible for the next-generation sequencing core facility at BRIC.

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ID: 38676074