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Onkologisk Klinik - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Aims and objectives

Our aim is to improve treatment and care of cancer patients.

We carry out clinical trials testing new drugs or drug combinations and new techniques in radiation therapy. We do translational studies testing new methods of disease evaluation and prediction of patients’ chances of responding to different treatments.

We carry out prospective studies of supportive and palliative interventions and we perform prospective studies and retrospective cohort analyses and modelling studies of long-term side effects of cancer treatment.

Focus areas

Focus areas are clinical trials of new drugs. In our Phase I unit new drugs are tested early, some of them for the first time in man. Many of our routine treatments, both in medical and radiation oncology, are done within clinical trials. We do translational research involving molecular biology and advanced imaging with PET and MRI. Advanced radiation therapy techniques are investigated in our radiotherapy research group. Palliative and psychosocial interventions are examined and tested in our palliative team.

Disciplines, methods and tools

Our research is multidisciplinary, involving physicians (oncologist, radiologists, nuclear medicine, pathology, surgery), medical physicists, civil engineers, nurses,and  psychologists. We have over 30 Ph.D. students, supervised by professors and senior consultants. 

Our methods include controlled clinical trials (Phase I, II and III), cohort studies, molecular biology (e.g., genome analyses, tissue microarray), PET/CT- and PET/MR-scanning, advanced radiation therapy, mathematical modelling, questionnaires and psychological tests.

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