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Hepatologisk Klinik - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Aims and objectives

The Department of Hepatology aims to improve our understanding of pathophysiology of liver failure. The objective is to improve survival in patients with imminent or manifest liver failure

Focus areas

The focus is primarily on patients with acute liver failure and patients with cirrhosis that suddenly decompensate (“acute-on-chronic-liver failure”).

Focus is mainly two folded:

We study the pathophysiology and try to improve management of the many extrahepatic complications that often develop, such as hepatic encephalopathy, brain edoema and cardiovascular dysfunction.

The second main focus area is concerned with liver assist devices (high-volume plasmapheresis (HVP), MARS, TetraMARS ect) where we have demonstrated that HVP improve the survival in patients with acute liver failure. We are now about to launch as similar study in patients with acute-on-chronic-liver failure in cooperation with 6 ICU centres in the US and 16 centers here in Europe. The primary end point will be survival in a RCT design.

Besides these two main areas of focus we also do RCT in patients with auto immune liver disease, in patients with alcoholic hepatitis, as well as in chronic viral hepatitis.


Disciplines, methods and tools

All the research is done in patients with liver failure in the clinical, and in animal models of liver failure in our Liver Lab facilities. The clinical studies are mainly RCT and uses Gold-standard methods on top of the best care of the patient according to the highest international level.



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