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Det Nordiske Cochrane Center - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Aims and objectives

The main aim of Nordic Cochrane Centre’s research is to find out whether interventions in healthcare provide meaningful benefits to people that exceed their harms. We identify and assess the scientific literature in a systematic way and publish our results in so-called systematic reviews, which may help people make evidence-based decisions about healthcare interventions.


Focus areas

Currently, our main research areas are:

         Cochrane reviews
         Bias in clinical trials and observational research
         Bias in information to the public
         How to access, extract and use raw data in reviews
         Guidelines for good reporting of research
         National clinical guidelines
         Minimally relevant clinical difference
         Psychiatric drugs


Disciplines, methods and tools

Most of our research concern randomised trials and meta-analyses of trials, but we also conduct and evaluate observational studies and qualitative studies, and we contribute to improving the methods used in clinical research.

Useful links

The Nordic Nordic Cochrane website
Cochrane Library


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