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Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital

Room-Light efficacy. Undersøgelse af effekten på depression af dynamisk versus statisk Led lys på sengeafdeling

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Intro: An RCT investigating the possible antidepressant effect of dynamic versus standard LED light installed in ten single patient rooms.
Metoder: In each of the 10 rooms the standard lighting was replaced with a dynamic LED system consisting of two ceiling luminaries, a reading luminaire and a large LED light paned built in the window jam. The system can function in a static or a dynamic setting. In the static setting the lighting system functions with a constant color (spectral distribution) and intensity. In the dynamic setting the lighting system functions with a gradually change in color and intensity with low and blue-enriched color in the morning changing to higher intensity in the middle of the day with higher color temperature (bluer) and toward the evening fading to lower intensity and less blue light to act as a sleep inducer.
Resultater (forventede): We expect that the dynamic light has a larger antidepressant effect compared to the static light with less use of sedating drugs and better sleep.
Diskussion/Impact (forventet): if the results are confirmed we expect to use the results in the upcoming New Psychiatry Bispebjerg in 2022 as this hospital will be equipped with a dynamic light system. Furthermore, the results can inspire lighting in other parts of the built environment such as the working place and schools.


  • Sundhedsvidenskab - Mood Disorders, Physical Treatments, Randomized controlled trial

ID: 61832284