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Hvidovre Hospital - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
Steen Ladelund

Steen Ladelund


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Design and analysis of observational and experimental medical studies.

Main research areas

Familiar and hereditary colorectal cancer. Biomarkers and acute medical triage. Staffing levels and clinical outcome in acute medical departments. Women living with HIV. Chronic HCV.

Current research

Reactions and attitudes towards tracing of potential risk persons in familiar colorectal cancer. Disease burden in Lynch syndrome. Outcome and optimization of colonoscopic surveillance in familiar colorectal cancer. Effective use of clinical and paraclinical data for automated triage support. Staffing level and clinical outcome, quality, mortality and optimization in acute medical care. Clinical outcome for women living with HIV, The SHADE cohort. Outcome of HVP screening in women living with HIV. Mortality and morbidity in chronic HCV patients.

ID: 36450