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Hvidovre Hospital - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Biomarkers; inflammation; prognosis; immune activation; suPAR; hsCRP; chronic inflammation; low-grade inflammation; plasma; emergency; triage; infectious diseases; HIV, HCV; RNA; cardiovascular disease; type 2 diabetes; disease; disease progression; comorbidities; charlson score; underlying disease; prediction

Main research areas

My main focus area is inflammation and the role inflammation has in development of disease, In particular, being able to measure inflammation and use this measure to identify individuals or patients with good or bad prognosis.

Current research

Involved in several clinical trials testing inflammatory measures for their ability to improve diagnosis and outcome

Potential conflicts of interest

I am a patent inventor on several patents on suPAR, IP-10 and on growth of HCV in culture. I am a co-founder and shareholder in ViroGates A/S, a Danish company that produce the suPARnostic products.

ID: 15760