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Results of total joint arthroplasty and joint preserving surgery in younger patients evaluated by alternative outcome measures

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The utilization of alternative outcome measures in the evaluation of outcome after PAO, TKA, and THA in young adults seem warranted to better understand the patients perception of successful treatment. Due to the lack of focus in contemporary literature on alternative aspects of outcome measurement in younger PAO, TKA, and THA patients our aims were, to explore patient satisfaction, fulfillment of expectations, symptoms of depression, the effect on socioeconomic status, and abilities in sex-life in younger PAO, TKA, and THA patients using PROMs. These alternative endpoints were collected in addition to traditional measures of function and HRQoL.

Our aims were:
1. To investigate the consequences of TKA, and THA treatment in younger patients in regard to patient satisfaction, expectations, symptoms of depression, socioeconomic effects, and abilities in sex-life. To generate important new information, important to both patients and surgeons during the decision making process prior to TKA and THA surgery.

2. To create a database that can follow this well-defined high-demanding younger patient group over years, and reveal complications and revision rates due to a higher wear in this
group. To support the surgeon and patient with information, when deciding the right time for surgery.

3. To investigate functional and quality of life aspects after PAO surgery in relation to the effect on the patient’s sex-life, the patient’s ability to participate in sports, the patient’s ability to interact socially, and are the patients satisfied with the outcome of the procedure at medium to long term follow-up.

ID: 41199583