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Hvidovre Hospital - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Main focus of research

The main focus areas are 1) examination of factors influencing in-hospital outcome, 2) development / validation of outcome measures, 3) determine the feasibility of physical rehabilitation interventions, and 4) examine the effect of such interventions proven feasible, primarily in patients with hip fracture and after lower limb amputation, but also involved in studies of patients with Geriatric disorders, ACOPD, Diabetes, Clavicle fractures and Achilles tendon ruptures.  

Academic degrees:

1992              Physical Therapist, Copenhagen School of Physical Therapy, Denmark

2010              PhD, Faculty of Health Sciences, Lund University, Sweden.

Thesis title: Hip fractures – Functional assessments and factors influencing in-hospital outcome, a physiotherapeutic perspective (includes 7 published peer-reviewed papers). Link to thesis:

Academic evaluations/appointments:

2011-             Appointed as censor for health science and related educations.

2017              Evaluated as professor-qualified, Department of Clinical Medicine, University    of Copenhagen.


Employments (recent):

2002 – 2010  Project/Research Physical Therapist, Department of Physical- and Occupational Therapy, and Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

2010 -            Senior Researcher, Department of Occupational and Physical Therapy, and Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

2011-             Appointed as examiner for Public Health and related university programs in Denmark.

2013 - 2016   External PhD lecturer (PhD-supervisor), Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 - 2016   External MSc lecturer (MSc-supervisor), Department of Health Sciences, Lund University, Sweden.

2016              External MSc lecturer (MSc-supervisor), Master of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Academic supervision and evaluations:


2011 - 2014   Principal co-supervisor for Maria Patrocinio Ariza Vega, PT, OT, MSc, PhD, Universidad de Granada, Spain (Patients with hip fracture).

2011 - 2015   Principal co-supervisor for Ilija Ban MD, PhD, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Patients with clavicle fractures).

2013 - 2016   Principal supervisor for Lise Kronborg, PT, MSc, PhD, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Patients with hip fracture).

2013 -            Co-supervisor for Dorte Melgaard Kristiansen, OT, MSc, PhD-student, North Denmark Regional Hospital, Aalborg University, Denmark (Patients with community acquired pneumonia).

2014 -            Principal co-supervisor for Christian Wied, MD, PhD-student, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Patients with lower limb amputation).

2014              Evaluation of PhD progress, 1 student, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Ann Christine Bodilsen, PhD).

2015              Evaluation committee member for abstracts, ISPO World Congress, Lyon, France.


2010 - 2012 Principal supervisor, Louise Lohmann Faber, OT, MSc, Faculty of Health Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Patients with hip fracture).

2011 - 2014   Principal co-supervisor for Linette Marie Kofoed PT, MR, Frederikssund Hospital, University of Southern Denmark (Patients with acute exacerbation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

2012 - 2014   Principal co-supervisor for Jan Overgaard, PT, MSc, Lolland Municipality, University of Southern Denmark (Patients with hip fracture).

2012-2014     Principal co-supervisor for Nadia Ørbæk, PT, MSc, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Southern Denmark (Patients with hip fracture).

2013-2016     Principal supervisor for Maria Svennergren PT, MSc, Hvidovre Hospital, Lund University, Sweden (Patients with Achilles tendon rupture).

2015-2016     Principal supervisor for Signe Hulsbæk PT, MSc, Köge Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Patients with hip fracture).


2008-             Co-supervisor of 8 Bachelor projects in Physical Therapy (Skodsborg, Copenhagen and Roskilde).

Scientific awards:

2007              Hvidovre Hospital, annually research day – Best poster award.

2007              Hvidovre Hospital, annually MVU research day – Best platform award.

2010              The Danish Physical Therapy Organization, "The special research award".

2013 & 2016 Hvidovre Hospital, annually research day – Senior author of best platform award.

2016              FFN Global Congress, Rome – Senior author of best platform award.

Steering Comities:

2012 -            Rapid Recovery – Hip Fracture Fragility Fracture Reference Center at Hvidovre Hospital.

2013 -            Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Research–Copenhagen (PMR-C) (co-founder).

2014 -            Regional knowledge center for lower extremity amputee patients located at Hvidovre Hospital.

2016 -            Copenhagen Research Center for Hip Fractures, Capital Region, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Publications (peer-reviewed):

2003 -            46 papers published, + 3 in press + 1 accepted in peer reviewed journals; 19 as first author, 11 as second, and 16 as last author:

Google scholar H-index =18 (≥ 200 citations in 2014 and 2105), link to profile:

Invited lectures:

2003-             Hospitals: Silkeborg, Hilleroed, Holbaek, Aalborg, Slagelse, Svendborg, Esbjerg.

                            Municipalities: Vejle, Frederiksberg, Lyngby-Taarbaek, Gentofte og Rudersdal, Copenhagen.

2005              National hip fracture workshop, Rigshospitalet. "Mobilisation and rehabilitation after hip fracture."

2010              National Workshop - Rehabilitation after surgery, Rigshospitalet. "Rehabilitation after hip fracture."

2010              Workshop, Capital region – Geriatric and Medical patients. “What to do with the immobilized patient”.

2011              National Conference – Implementation of research in clinical practice, Odense. “Implementation of research in daily clinical practice.”

2011              Workshop, Capital region, Denmark – Treatment of lower limb amputee patients: “Challenges, research and assessment of quality”. 

2012              Regional amputee meeting, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark:  “Cross-sectional guidelines for rehabilitation of lower limb amputee patients”.

2013              International Amputee Congress, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark: “Use of the one-leg-stand-test in lower limb amputee patients.”

2013              Swedish Orthopedic Congress, Uppsala, Sweden. "Prediction of function after hip fracture".

2014              Fragility Fracture Network Global Congress, Madrid, Spain. “In-hospital physiotherapy after acute hip fracture Surgery in Denmark”.

2016              National conference – Rehabilitation after fracture, Odense, Denmark. “Rehabilitation after hip fracture surgery”

2016              National hip fracture register day, Odense, Denmark. “Do patients achieve the expected functional level”

2016              Pre-congress physio day, Fragility Fracture Network Global Congress, Rome, Italy. “Factors influencing rehabilitation outcome of patients with hip fracture”

2016              Fragility Fracture Network Global Congress, Rome, Italy. “Survey of physiotherapy care after hip fracture: initial results from Denmark and Australia”


Congress activity and papers in non-reviewed journals:

2005 -            More than 50 abstracts presented at regional, national and international conferences, including 2 World Congresses in Physical Therapy, 5 congresses (EFORT) arranged by the European Orthopedic Society, 1 ISPO World Congress, and 3 Fragility Fracture Network Global Congresses.

Chaired or co-chaired 8 national/international congress sessions or symposias, and member of the local organising comitee, including organisation of a pre-congress physio day, for the 2017 FFN Global Network Congress, Malmö, Sweden.


2010 -            Senior author of more than 40 abstracts presented at national and international conferences by students or collaborators.

2003 - 2007   14 communicating papers (8 as first and 6 as the last author) in Danish in non-reviewed journals; “Fysioterapeuten” and “Sygeplejersken”.

Book chapters (in Danish):

2009              Husted H, Holm G, Kristensen MT, Tingskov L, Kehlet H.Ortopædkirurgi for ergoterapeuter og fysioterapeuter. 1.udgave, Munksgaard, København 2009. page 67-75, accelererede forløb i det ortopædkirurgiske speciale.

2012              Kristensen MT, Faber LL. Ergoterapi og Fysioterapi til Ældre. 1. udgave, Munksgaard, København 2012. Kapitel 5, Fald og Hoftebrud.

Occasional reviewer assignments (in total > 25):

2006 -            Clinical Rehabilitation, American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, Acta Orthopaedica, Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, European Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, Clinical Interventions in Ageing, BMJ Open, Disability & Rehabilitation, BMC Anaesthesiology, Prosthetics and Orthotics International, Age and Ageing, BMC Geriatrics, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Editorial Board Membership:

2010 -            World Journal of Orthopedics

Research coordination/supervision:

2002 -            In-hospital rehabilitation and outcome measure projects for patients with hip fracture (since 2002), lower limb amputation (since 2010), Clavicle fractures (since 2011), Achilles Tendon Rupture (since 2013) major abdominal surgery (since 2014), and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (since 2016),  Departments of Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Surgery, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

2008 -            Rehabilitation and outcome measure projects for patients with hip fracture, outpatient setting, Lolland Municipality, Denmark (Jan Overgaard, MSc).

2010 -            Rehabilitation and outcome measure projects for patient's with lower limb amputation and diabetes, outpatient setting, Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark (Kajsa Lindberg, PT).

2011 - 2014   Rehabilitation and outcome measure projects for patients with ACOPD (Linette Marie Kofoed, MR), and patients with neurological disorders (Christina Weirum Andersen, MR), North Zealand Hospital, Frederikssund, Capital Region, Denmark.

Research collaboration (international):

2011 –           Research collaboration and MSc/PhD-student exchange with:

Professor José J. Jiménez Moleón, University of Granada, Spain; Professor Kathleen Kline Mangione, Arcadia University, Unitid States; Professor Catherine Sherrington, The George Institute and at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Research collaboration with:

Assistant Professor Christine M. McDonough, Boston University School of Public Health and Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Unitid States; Assistant Professor Marcie Harris-Hayes, Washington University School of Medicine, Unitid States; Physiatrist Giorgio Ferriero at Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri, IRCCS, Italy;  Associate Professor, Cecilia Rogmark, Skåne University Hospital Malmö, Sweden. Associate Professor, Patrocinio Ariza-Vega, Granada University, Spain.


Trusted positions:

2006 - 2008   Board member and scientific coordinator for the Danish Physical Therapy Organization in the group developing and writing the National Referendum Program for Hip Fracture treatment in Denmark. Link:

2011 - 2015   Scientific coordinator and co-editor (with Kajsa Lindberg) for the Capital Regional amputee rehabilitation group developing and writing evidence and consensus based guidelines for rehabilitation of patients with lower limb amputation. Link:

2014 -            Board member (invited) for the development and writing Clinical Practice Guidelines for the physical therapy management of persons with fragility fracture of the hip. Collaboration between the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy and the Orthopedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association’s.

2015 -            Representing the Danish Physical Therapy Organization in the National Register Group for patients with hip fracture in Denmark. Link:  

2016 -            Coordinator for The Department of Occupational & Physical Therapy, Hvidovre Hospital, regarding research projects in the new electronic patient record (Sundhedsplatformen).

Funded research (in total 3.160.250 DKK):

2007 -            Main or co-applicant:

Danish Physical Therapy Organization: 221.000 DKK (2007-2009, main applicant); Capital Region’s research foundation: 510.000 DKK (2011, main applicant); IMK foundation: 592.000 DKK (2013, co-applicant) Hvidovre Hospital’s research foundation: 100.000 DKK (2015, main applicant); Capital Region’s research foundation: 750.000 DKK (2016, main applicant).

Applications by student’s/collaborators:

Jan Overgaard, research PT, from 2009-2013: 166.500 DKK (Danish Physical Therapy Organization): Kajsa Lindberg, PT, 2011: 39.000 DKK (Danish Physical Therapy Organization); Linette Marie Kofod, research PT, 2012: 125.000 DKK (North Zealand Hospital’s Research Foundation): Lise Kronborg, research PT, from 2012-2014: 456.750 DKK (Danish Physical Therapy Organization), 100.000 DKK (Hvidovre Hospital’s research foundation), 100.000 DKK (Lundbeck Foundation, MVU funds).


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