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Clinical biochemistry; genetics and genetic networks; information theory; metabolic conditions and diseases

Primære forskningsområder

Genetics and metabolism of diabetes and obesity; advanced modelling of disease processes.

Aktuel forskning

Adaption of theoretical concepts from other scientific disciplines, in particular information and network theory, are the most promising approach to disentangle the influence of genetic factors in biological processes. Pivotal is the realisation that diseases are very heterogeneous and to a large extent defined by the subject-specific genetic constitution. The most important current research is focussed on longitudinal metabolic changes resulting from surgery intervention for obesity. Biochemically, the complex interactions of glycerophospholipid and sphingolipid are major areas of analysis and interpretation. Concomitantly the genetic variation in the study population are and subject to basic genetic analyses. It is the hope that by combining these analyses in biological integrated, network models we will obtain a basic understanding of the biological processes in obesity and diabetes, hopefully with a clinical impact to follow.

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No conflicts of interests.

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