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Open ventral hernia repair with a composite ventral patch - final results of a multicenter prospective study

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  • F Berrevoet
  • C Doerhoff
  • F Muysoms
  • S Hopson
  • M G Muzi
  • S Nienhuijs
  • E Kullman
  • T Tollens
  • M Schwartz
  • K Leblanc
  • V Velanovich
  • L N Jørgensen
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BACKGROUND: This study assessed clinical outcomes, including safety and recurrence, from the two-year follow-up of patients who underwent open ventral primary hernia repair with the use of the Parietex™ Composite Ventral Patch (PCO-VP).

METHODS: A prospective single-arm, multicenter study of 126 patients undergoing open ventral hernia repair for umbilical and epigastric hernias with the PCO-VP was performed.

RESULTS: One hundred twenty-six subjects (110 with umbilical hernia and 16 with epigastric hernia) with a mean hernia diameter of 1.8 cm (0.4-4.0) were treated with PCO-VP. One hundred subjects completed the two-year study. Cumulative hernia recurrence was 3.0% (3/101; 95%CI: 0.0-6.3%) within 24 months. Median Numeric Rating Scale pain scores improved from 2 [0-10] at baseline to 0 [0-3] at 1 month (P < 0.001) and remained low at 24 months 0 [0-6] (P < 0.001). 99% (102/103) of the patients were satisfied with their repair at 24 months postoperative.

CONCLUSIONS: The use of PCO-VP to repair primary umbilical and epigastric defects yielded a low recurrence rate, low postoperative and chronic pain, and high satisfaction ratings, confirming that PCO-VP is effective for small ventral hernia repair in the two-year term after implantation.

TRIAL REGISTRATION: The study was registered publically at ( NCT01848184 registered May 7, 2013).

Original languageEnglish
JournalBMC Surgery
Issue number1
Pages (from-to)93
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jul 2019

ID: 57670158