OBJECTIVE: To investigate possible associations between serum antimüllerian hormone (AMH) concentration and semen quality in infertile men. Studies investigating the associations between serum AMH concentration and semen quality in infertile men have shown conflicting results.

DESIGN: Infertile men were included during screening for participation in the First in Treating Male Infertility Study, a double-blinded, placebo-controlled, 1:1, single-center randomized controlled trial.

SETTING: Not applicable.

PATIENTS: At the screening visit, 400 participants produced a semen sample and had their serum analyzed for AMH concentration.

INTERVENTION: Not applicable.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Serum AMH concentration and semen quality.

RESULTS: All men were stratified according to serum AMH concentrations in quartiles (Q1-Q4). Men in the lowest quartile had a lower sperm concentration (1 × 10 6/mL) (Q1: 8.0 vs. Q2: 10.4 vs. Q3: 11.0 vs. Q4: 13.0), total sperm count (1 × 10 6) (Q1: 29.1 vs. Q2: 38.2 vs. Q3: 44.4 vs. Q4: 55.7), sperm motility (%) (Q1: 41 vs. Q2: 57 vs. Q3: 50 vs. Q4: 53), and progressive sperm motility (%) (Q1: 31 vs. Q2: 44 vs. Q3: 35 vs. Q4: 40) compared with the other quartiles. Moreover, men with a sperm concentration <2 million/mL had a lower serum AMH concentration compared with men having 2-16 × 10 6 /mL and >16 × 10 6/mL (31 pmol/L vs. 38 pmol/L vs. 43 pmol/L, respectively). In accordance, men with sperm motility <20% had a lower serum AMH concentration compared with men with sperm motility 20%-42%, and >42% (31 pmol/L vs. 43 pmol/L. vs. 39 pmol/L, respectively).

CONCLUSION: This study shows that low serum AMH concentration is associated with poor semen quality in infertile men, which implies that serum AMH concentration may have clinical value during the evaluation of male infertility.


Original languageEnglish
JournalFertility and Sterility
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 24 Mar 2024


  • AMH
  • male infertility
  • semen quality


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