Comparison of GEANT4 very low energy cross section models with experimental data in water

S Incerti, A Ivanchenko, M Karamitros, A Mantero, P Moretto, My Hang Thi Tran, B Mascialino, C Champion, V N Ivanchenko, M A Bernal, Z Francis, C Villagrasa, G Baldacchin, P Guèye, R Capra, P Nieminen, C Zacharatou

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    The GEANT4 general-purpose Monte Carlo simulation toolkit is able to simulate physical interaction processes of electrons, hydrogen and helium atoms with charge states (H0, H+) and (He0, He+, He2+), respectively, in liquid water, the main component of biological systems, down to the electron volt regime and the submicrometer scale, providing GEANT4 users with the so-called "GEANT4-DNA" physics models suitable for microdosimetry simulation applications. The corresponding software has been recently re-engineered in order to provide GEANT4 users with a coherent and unique approach to the simulation of electromagnetic interactions within the GEANT4 toolkit framework (since GEANT4 version 9.3 beta). This work presents a quantitative comparison of these physics models with a collection of experimental data in water collected from the literature.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalMedical Physics
    Issue number9
    Pages (from-to)4692-708
    Number of pages17
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2010


    • DNA Damage
    • Elasticity
    • Electrons
    • Helium
    • Models, Theoretical
    • Monte Carlo Method
    • Protons
    • Radiometry
    • Scattering, Radiation
    • Software
    • Water


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