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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital

MR-CRAS - Validation of the Mechanical Restraint - Confounders, Risk, Alliance Score (MR-CRAS)”. A Content and construct validation of MR-CRAS in general psychiatry

Project: Types of projectsProject

  • Gildberg, Frederik , Denmark (Project Manager, organisational)
  • Kerring, Jonas Harder, Denmark (Project Manager, academic)
  • Hansen, Jens Peter, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Nielsen, Lea Deichman, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Bengtson, Susanne (Project participant)
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The aim of this project is a re-validation of MR-CRAS in general psychiatry. MR-CRAS is a new risk assessment instrument developed to reduce the duration of mechanical restraint (MR). MR-CRAS has been validated in forensic psychiatry but not in general psychiatry. The current study will test the content and construct validity and predictive validity of MR-CRAS within general psychiatry.
This study is conducted as a qualitative mixed method field study. Data is collected using interviewed questionnaires among 1) a panel of 12 experts (head psychiatrists, head nurses and/or researcher within general psychiatry) and 2) nurses, nurse-assistants and social and healthcare assistants having contact with adult inpatients in general psychiatry.
The study will provide information on the validity of MR-CRAS in a general psychiatry context.
The study results aim to provide a checklist that may reduce duration of mechanical restrain within adult general psychiatry.

ID: 61929466