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Examination of self-disorders in patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder with secondary psychotic symptoms

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In addition to the prototypic symptoms of Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), secondary symptoms of a psychotic nature (PTSD-SP) may also arise in the aftermath of traumatic events. There is an ongoing debate on whether PTSD-SP is a separate nosological unit. Proponents have cited characteristics in biomarkers and psychopathology as separating PTSD-SP from non-psychotic PTSD as well as from other psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. The schizophrenia spectrum is characterized by a specific pattern of self-disorders, which has been suggested to be precursors for psychotic symptoms within the schizophrenia spectrum. We hypothesize that, compared to schizophrenia, PTSD-SP is less characterized by a disturbance of self-experience.

Aims: To explore the degree of self-disorders in three PTSD-SP patients.

Included patients are PTSD-SP patients from the outpatient population of the Competence Centre of Transcultural Psychiatry, Mental Health Centre Ballerup. Inclusion criteria are a diagnosis of PTSD and psychotic symptoms. Exclusion criteria are severe drug abuse, brain lesions or other organic causes of psychiatric disorders. Patients fulfilling the ICD-10 criteria for schizophrenia are also excluded. All patients will be examined using the interviews and checklists: Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES), Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (SCAN), The Positive and Negative Symptoms Scale (PANSS), Clinician-administered PTSD Scale (CAPS), Hopkins Symptoms Checklist-25 (HSCL-25), Harvard Trauma Questionnaire (HTQ), Clinical Global Impression (CGI) and Examination of Anomalous Self-Experience (EASE).

Expected Results:
We expect that self disorders are absent or present to a low degree in PTSD-SP.

Expected Impact:
An better understanding of psychotic symptoms in patients with severe PTSD will hopefully optimize the diagnostic assessment as well as the treatment.

ID: 59658140