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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Respiratory medicine

Main research areas

Asthma; COPD; Treatment, biologics; adherence; Airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR); inflammation;Sputum; Eosinophlic airway diseases; non-Eosinophilic airway diseases; Time to pregnancy (TTP); cytikiner; cells, bronchial biopsies; Exercise; sport; doping; fat biopsies; muscular biopsies; ATP-ase

Current research

In a large scale study the basal mechanisms behind asthma and COPD are to be studied. In a transitional approach biomarkers of possible importance for future knowledge and development in the area are to be investigated.

The research Unit are the master behind another large study, in which doping using beta2-agonist are thoroughly examined. 

Potential conflicts of interest


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