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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Brief presentation

I am a data scientist working as researcher at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen at the academic level of Assistant Professor. My work is focused on the integration and analysis of molecular profiles of persons with diabetes. My particular focus is on blood metabolomics for clinical diabetes research.

See below for more information, and check out my personal webpage and my other profiles at:


  • Bioinformatics
  • Machine learning
  • Statistical programming & R
  • Visualization of information

Main research areas

  • Metabolomics
  • Diabetes
  • Data integration
  • Computational biology
  • Personalised medicine

Current research

Metabolomics data integration and statistical learning for diabetes in relation to:

  • development and prevention (the INNODIA and DEXLIFE projects)
  • treatment (the CIMT study)
  • complications (the PROFIL study and the PROTON project)
  • co-morbidities (the GALAXY project)
  • personalized medicine (the RHAPSODY and POPS projects).

Bioinformatics & machine learning methods development for:

  • targeted metabolomics analyses for precision medicine in the clinical setting (the PROTON, RHAPSODY, POPS, etc., projects)
  • non-targeted multi-platform metabolomics analyses.

I am the creator of the R-package lipidomeR for multivariate visualization of the lipidome (see demos at

Education and academic degrees

I hold a degree of Doctor of Science (Technology) in the field of Information and Computer Science from Aalto University and Helsinki Institute for Information Technology.

Selected Publications from the last 5 years

See my personal webpage for highligts from my completed projects.

Potential conflicts of interest

  • None

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