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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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General, genetic and clinical epidemiology; diseases based on metabolic abnormalities, e.g. obesity and diabetes.

Main research areas

Focus is almost entirely on obesity and obesity-related conditions and co-morbidities; causes of obesity, both genetic and environmental, including psychosocial causes; development of obesity over the entire life course, including the pre-conceptional and pre-natal periods; variation in occurrence of obesity across time and place, including the obesity epidemic; psychosocial and somatic consequences, including all-cause mortality; aspects of prevention and treatment.

Current research

Multiple local and international collaborative research studies addressing specific topics within the outlined main research areas. Key current interest is development of an evolutionary justified theory about causes and consequences of obesity that synthesizes the current evidence and is a basis for derivation of testable hypotheses.

Potential conflicts of interest


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