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Signe Vestergaard Rosenlund


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Name: Signe Vestergaard Rosenlund

Medical Doctor

Current position:
PhD student (Industrial PhD) at Department of Cardiology, Nephrology and Endocrinology, Nordsjællands Hospital and Steno Diabetes Center.

Medical Doctor (University of Copenhagen 2011)

Research experience and research interest:
Diabetes with particular emphasis on technology and diabetes complications.

Intensive blood glucose control probably reduces the risk of microvascular and macrovascular complications in type 1 diabetes. Particularly, the incidence of early microvascular complications has shown to decrease, while the effect of improved glycemic control in reducing progression of persistent microalbuminuria remains unresolved. Previous smaller studies have suggested a beneficial effect of insulin pumps in order to prevent progression of albuminuria. Reduction of glucose fluctuations in insulin pump therapy can be part of the effect, which may be further optimized by continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). Therefore, insulin pump with CGM may be beneficial in the prevention of progression of albuminuria and protection of renal function.
The hypothesis of my project is that treatment with insulin pump and CGM will have a positive effect on the prevention of progression of albuminuria, improve glycemic control and circulating cardiovascular risk markers compared to treatment with multiple daily injections in patients with type 1 diabetes and albuminuria. This is investigated in both observational and prospective randomized designs.

1 scientific article, 3 lectures, 3 posters.

• Rosenlund S, Theilade S, Hansen TW, Andersen S, Rossing P Insulin pump treatment is Associated with Decreased arterial stiffness. Acta Diabetologica 2014, December 51 (6) 955-62



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