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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Rasmus Revsbech, M.Sc. Psychology, Ph.D.-student, born July 7th,1980. Nationality: Danish. Languages spoken besides from Danish: English, Swedish, Norwegian & French.


Hvidovre Psychiatric Centre, dep. 807; The Cognitive Research Unit.

Brondbyostervej 160

2605 Brondby



Phone: 0045 3864 5741

Mobile: 0045 6092 9542

 Current position: Clinical psychiatric research psychologist with experience from various projects and settings. Currently working on Ph.D. in psychopathological (in particular schizophrenic) versus healthy cognition, "everyday thinking", subjectivity and rationality. I do phenomenological clinical psychiatric research, clinical work, diagnostics and untraditional, as well as traditional, cognitive neuropsychological testing. I have a strong focus on bridging research and use in everyday clinical practice, as well as comparing my findings to non-pathological phenomena. 


M.Sc. Psychology, University of Copenhagen, 2010

Ph.D.-Fellow in cognitive neuropsychology/neuropsychiatry, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health Sciences, 2011-2014.

Main Affiliations:

Josef Parnas MD, John Cutting MD, Gareth Owen MD, Gerd Gigerenzer Psychologist, Louis Sass Psychologist, Erik Lykke Mortensen Psychologist, Julie Nordgaard MD, Peter Handest MD, Kamilla Miskowiak Psychologist, Trine Flensborg-Madsen Public Health Researcher, Holger Jelling-Sørensen, MD. 

Research Specialties:

Cognitive neuropsychology, heuristics (neuro-economy), clinical psychology, psychopathology, phenomenology and humanistic/existential psychology

ID: 34539