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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Specialist in internal medicine, pulmonology and allergology. Expert in sleep medicine.

Expert in sleep medicine with special interest in sleep apnea and COPD / asthma and sleep. National and international speaker about these topics.

For 3 decades involved in research in smoking cessation with special focus on RCT with NRT, varenicline and bupropionSR both in smokers without and with COPD/asthma. National and international speaker about smoking cessation.

Main research areas

Published more than 100 papers.

Sleep apnea: Conducted study with positional trainer for positional sleep apnea in 100 patients. Survey of the prevalence of positional sleep apnea in our sleep clinic patients. Epidemiology papers about sleep apnea and morbidity and mortality.

Smoking cessation: publisher approximate. 50 papers about smoking cessation with different drugs and methods

published in NEJM (2). JAMA (2), Chest (1)t etc.

Current research

Different aspects of positional sleep apnea -prevalence, symptoms, therapy with different devices that prevent sleep in supine position.

Also, smoking habits and cessation in relation to screening for lung cancer. And the importance of smoking cessation in before sugery.


Potential conflicts of interest

Received honorary from Pfizer; McNeil and McNiel; Fertin Pharma; Astra Zenica; Philips for presentations. 

ID: 32196756