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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Research areas

Diabetes and related complications.

Main research areas

I Use machine learning, statistics and general computing skills to understand and predict diseases such as diabetic nephropathy. I have developed pipelines for efficient and accurate analysis of metabolomics data, including mapping of metabolites to global identifiers. This enables cross-study metabolomic comparison as well as pathway enrichment analysis which is increasingly required to make sense of the complex data associated with the expanding field of metabolomics. 

Current research

- PROTON project: Combined analysis of plasma metabolomics and gut shotgun sequencing data to understand diabetic renal disease 

- PROTON + PROFIL projects: Comparing metabolomics renal complication results from PROTON and PROFIL 

- PROTON + PROFIL + 5 other renal studies from Joslin and FinnDiane: Comparison of diverse metabolomics data in relation to diabetic renal disease without sharing of data

- HypoBRAIN study: Investigation into the association of blood metabolites and hypoglycemia

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