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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Noenatolgy - newborn babies

Main research areas

Adrenalin/resp distress newborn at birth prospective clincal study

Granuloma umbilica treatment prospective clinical study

Written danish book in Neonatolgy 2014: Neonatologi. Det raske og det syge nyfødte barn. Peitersen p; Pedersen P, Pryds O. Nyt Nordisk forlag Arnold  Busk, 9 - 395. 2014

Current research

SHIPS multicenter prospective study, 14 european countries, follow up on 6000 children born below GA 32 form May 2011 - 2012, at birh, 2 yers, now at 5 years.

DHEA analyses from umbilical cord

Potential conflicts of interest


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