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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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I have earned my degree as a psychologist from the University of Copenhagen and the University of North Carolina Asheville in the United States. I have previously worked as a neuropsychologist on a rehabilitating facility for patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries.

Main research areas

My scientific interest is neuropsychiatry, in particularly depression and bipolar affective disorder. I am interested in understanding the underlying biological and neuropsychological mechanisms. As such, I seek to validate new, individualized treatment options for this patient group.

Current research

I work as a psychologist at the Center for Neuropsychiatric Depression research, Psychiatric Center Glostrup. Here I am PhD student on the Healthy Brain project. The project aims to evaluate an application created to improve reduced cognitive function among people who have previously had one or more depressions.

Potential conflicts of interest


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