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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Experienced in neuroscientific research as a pregraduate scholarship recipient and as an MD and research fellow. Experienced in positron emission tomography and in the clinical work with migraine patients. 

Main research areas

Main research interest is migraine without aura and molecular imaging of the serotonergic system.

Current research

Currently, I investigate the serotonin system, more specifically the serotonin 1B and the serotonin 4 receptor, in migraine patients using positron emission tomography, PET imaging. I investigate episodic migraine patients between their attacks as well as after experimental induced migraine and after treatment with the migraine specific drug, sumatriptan. Lastly, I investigate chronic migraine patients to elucidate if and how they differ from episodic migraine patients with regards to the serotonergic system of the brain. 

ID: 49251655