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-treatment of diabetes, prediabetes and diabetes related complications in dialysis patients 

-kidney transplantation and related complications.

-renal complications in heart-, liver-, and lung transplantation

-simultaneus kidney and pancreas transplantation

-young adults with kidney disease and renal transplantation


Main research areas

-prevention of chronic kidney disease

-gastric emptying in dialysis patients

-glukagon and incretin metabolism in type 1 and 2 diabetic patients before and after kidney transplantation with and without pancreas transplantation: effects on hypoglycaemic instability?

-effect of incretinhormones on vascular, endothelial and renal function in short bowel patients

-incretinhormones GLP-1 and GLP-2 and mesenteric and cardiovascular effect in healthy volunteers

-metabolic effects of uremia, especially insulin resistance, glucagon resistance, effects on bone metabolism and cardiovascular function in CKD patients

-role of OPG in bone metabolism and cardiovascular function

-arrhrytmia in dialysis patients and relation to glucometabolism

-immunosuppression and solid organ transplantation

Current research

-prevention of chronic kidney disease

-arrhytmia in dialysis patients

-incretin hormones, pancreas function and gastrointestinal function in dialysis patients

-glucometabolism i kidney and lung transplanted patients

-prevention of acute kidney injury after heart surgery

-prevention of kidney failure after solid organ transplantation

-new methods for diabetes monitoring in chronic kidney disease patients

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