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Obstretrical reseach and teaching

Main research areas

Intrapartal ultrasound

Current research

 Sonographic prediction of outcome of vacuum deliveries: a multicenter, prospective cohort study.

AJOG publication, in press

BH Kahrs, MD; S Usman, MD; T Ghi, MD; professor; A Youssef, MD; EA Torkildsen, MD, PhD; E Lindtjørn, Midwife; TB Østborg, MD; S Benediktsdottir, MD; L Brooks, MD; L Harmsen, MD, PhD; PR Romundstad, MD; professor; KÅ Salvesen, MD, professor; CC Lees, MD, professor; TM Eggebø, MD, professor

•Prolonged attempts at vaginal delivery and failed operative vaginal deliveries are associated with increased risk of fetal and maternal complications.
•Unnecessary interventions should be avoided and correct timing of interventions focused.

Aim was to assess if ultrasound measurements can predict duration of vacuum extractions, mode of delivery and fetal outcome in nulliparous women with prolonged second stage of labor.

Study design:

•Prospective cohort study
•Nulliparous women at term with prolonged second stage of labor, 220 ppts.
•Fetal head position and station were determined using transabdominal and transperineal ultrasound.
Principal findings:
•Significant association between ultrasound assessed fetal station and duration of vacuum extraction
•Fetal station assessed with head-perineum distance and angle of progression predicted the probability of a spontaneous delivery
•Head-perineum diastance predicted cesarean delivery
•Significant association between low umbilical cord pH and head-perineum distance >35 mm



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ID: 38404277