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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Co-founder and Head of the Danish Anaesthesia Allergy Centre; Longstanding experience in all aspects of perioperative hypersensitivity reactions including epidemiology, diagnostics, causes, treatment; Long standing experience in all aspects of drug allergy especially diagnostics, causes, mechanisms; consultant in general allergy clinic seeing all types of allergy patients incl. anaphylaxis, drug allergy, food allergy, urticaria, angioedema ?allergic rhinitis and asthma. 

Main research areas

All aspects of drug allergy and perioperative hypersensitivity; treatment and mechanisms of anaphylaxis; allergy to chlorhexidine, excipients and other rare allergens; Drug provocation; serum tryptase; in vitro testing

Current research

Proteins and hidden allergens in cosmetics; latex allergy and allergen components; allergy to penicillins; allergy to local anaesthetics; allergy to polyethylene glycol and related polymers; allergy to ethylene oxide; ocular allergy; biphasic anaphylaxis; mechanisms of anaphylaxis

Head of European task force on perioperative hypersensitivity and leader of multicentre survey og pratices in perioperative hypersensitivity around Europe.

Member of task force working on regional guidelines for the treatment of anaphylaxis

Potential conflicts of interest

Adjudication committee member AMAG pharmaceuticals, USA

Consultant and adjudication committee member Merck, USA

ID: 32160772