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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Main research areas

My research covers patient and health care provider perspectives in patient education, psychosocial care, health promotion and prevention in relation to chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. My research includes health services research such as health technology assessments; studies of health care professional practice; and patient preferences, attitudes, wishes and needs. My research activity is now focused on development of research-based, innovative diabetes education including methods and concepts for psychosocial support to people with diabetes (PWD) and their families. The research methods I employ focus on involvement of target groups in research processes as well as outcomes and typically consist of intervention programmes including appropriate training of health care providers (HCP). The ultimate aim is to prevent complications of diabetes and increase quality of life and effective use of the health care system in PWD and their families through mutual social support and appropriate diabetes self-management skills. My research is grounded in the philosophy of a broad concept of health, equity in health, empowerment, applying a settings-perspective and involvement of target groups. This most often includes designed-based research using quantitative and qualitative methods, theory-driven evaluation and development of innovative methods for e.g. measuring patient involvement in care processes and patient education, such as diabetes specific social capital, diabetes identity and family functioning. My research includes a wide selection of PWD and settings include diabetes clinics, municipalities, hospitals, patient associations and general practice.

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