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Gorm Greisen, born 1951

Nuværende arbejdsplads: Afdelingen for intensiv terapi af nyfødte og mindre børn, Rigshospitalet


1982 – 1989 Dr.Med. Sundhedsvidenskabeligt fakultet, Københavns Universitet

1977 – 1978 Diploma of tropical medicine, Institute ‘Prince Leopold’, Antwerpen

1969 – 1976 Cand. Med. Sundhedsvidenskabeligt fakultet, Københavns Universitet

1971 - 1974 B.Sc. (datalogi) Københavns Universitet


2021 - professor emeritus, Københavns Universitet

2021 - ulønnet overlæge, afdelingen for intensiv behandling af nyfødte og mindre børn, Righospitalet

2013 - 2019 Ordførende professor, pædiatri, Institut for Klinisk Medicin, Københavns Universitet

2009 - 2012 Viceinstitutleder, Institut for gynækologi, obstetrik, og pædiatri, Københavns Universitet

2001 - 2012 Klinikchef, Neonatalafdelingen, Rigshospitalet

1998 – 2021 Professor i pædiatri, Københavns Universitet

1991 - 2021 Overlæge, Neonatalklinkken, Rigshospitalet

1985 - 1990 Yngre læge, Børneafdelinger i København

1982 - 1985 Klinisk assistent, Neonatalklinikken, Rigshospitalet

1980 - 1982 Reservelæge, Neonatalklinikken, Rigshospitalet

1977 - 1979 District Medical officer, Namwala, Zambia

1976 - 1977 Underläkare, Kiruna og Kalmar, Sverige 


Forskning og forskningsledelse


  • Årsager til hjerneskade hos tidligt fødte børn
  • Hjernens blodgennemstrømning og iltning
  • Opfølgningsstudier for at belyse risiko for senfølger
  • Vækst før og efter fødslen
  • Vækst i perinalperioden og metabolisk programmering
  • Interventioner i neonatalperioden for at forbedre sundheden senere hen
  • Videnskabsetik

Leder forskning om hjernens gennemblødning, iltning, hjerneskade, og neuropsykologiske senfølger hos tidligt fødte børn og om vækst i perinatalperioden. Leder af SafeBoosC projectet. klinisk koordinator of the NEOMUNE projectet. Medlem af styregruppen i 4 europæiske forsknings- og uddannelsesprojekter. Præsident for European Society for Paediatric research og for International Pediatric Research Foundation. Formand for en regional videnskabsetisk komite. Formand for det Etiske Råd.


Priser og æresbevisninger

2022 Top reviewer award. Pediatric Research

2022 Æremedlem i Dansk Pædiatrisk Selskab

2021 European Society for Paediatric's pris

2017 Kleins legat 

2014 Ridder af Dannebrog

2008 Den Centrale Videnskabsetiske komites pris

2007 William Ottesen pris

1994 Danin Fondens pris


Andre videnskabelige kvalifikationer

Inviteret foredragsholder ved mere end 100 internationale møder. Organiseret European society of Paediatric Research kongres 1999, formand for den videnskabelige komite 2013. Vejleder for mere end 30 phd-studerende

Publicationer: mere end 400 i PubMed. I WebofScience: H-index 54, mere end 10.000 citationer

Patenter: Ingen




Name Gorm Greisen, born 1951

Current workplace: Rigshospitalet, Department of Neonatology



1982 – 1989 Dr.Med.Sc. Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

1977 – 1978 Diploma of tropical medicine, Institute ‘Prince Leopold’, Antwerpen

1969 – 1976 Cand. Med. Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

1971 - 1974 B.Sc. (computer science) University of Copenhagen



2021 - Professor emeritus, University of Copenhagen

2021 - Honorary consultant, Rigshospitalet

2013 - 2019 Chairman of paediatrics, University of Copenhagen

2009 - 2012 Deputy head of the Institute of gynecology, obstetrics and paediatrics, University of Copenhagen.

2001 - 2012 Head of Department, Neonatology, Rigshospitalet

1998 – 2021 Professor of Paediatrics, University of Copenhagen

1991 - 2021 Consultant neonatologist, Rigshospitalet

1982 - 1985 Research fellow, Department of Neonatology, Rigshospitalet

1980 - 1990 Clinical training in paediatrics/neonatology in hospitals in Copenhagen

1977 - 1979 District medical officer, Namwala, Zambia

1976 - 1977 Medicine and surgery training, Kiruna, Sweden


Research profile and leadership experience

Heading research in neonatal brain perfusion, oxygenation, brain injury, and neurodevelopmental deficits and perinatal growth. Primary investigator in the SafeBoosC project. Clinical coordinator of the NEOMUNE project. Steering committee member in four European research and educational projects. President for the European Society of Paediatric research and for the International Pediatric Research Foundation. Chairman of a regional research ethics committee. Chairman of The Danish Council of Ethics.



2022 Top reviewer award, Pediatric Research

2022 Honorary member of the Danish Paediatric Society

2021 European Society of Paediatric Research award

2017 Kleins award

2014 Knight of the order of Dannebrog

2008 The bi-annual National Research Ethics Committee award

2007 William Ottesen travel award

1994 Danin Foundation award


Other scientific qualifications

Invited speaker at more than 100 international meetings. Organiser of the European society of Paediatric Research conference 1999, chairman of the scientific committee 2013. Supervisor for more than 30 phd-students.

Publications: More than 400 in PubMed, in WebofScience: H-index 54, total citations more than 10.000

Patents: None

Main research areas

  • Causes of brain injury in preterm infants
  • Cerebral blood flow and cerebral oxygenation
  • Systematic follow-up studies to evaluate outcomes later in life
  • Growth before and after birth
  • Consequences of growth in the perinatal period for later health
  • Interventions in the newborn period to improve health later in life
  • Ethics of medical research.

Potential conflicts of interest

I do not have bonds or other economic interests in any health care industry, except for what may – at any given moment - be part of the investment funds that I and my wife hold. I do not hold any patents.

1. I had a long-standing relation with Radiometer Medical involving measurement of lactate, glucose, bilirubin and blood gases, transcutaneous pO2 and pCO2 and near-infrared spectroscopy. During these project Radiometer has provided material and payed other costs. I have not held any personal salary or benefit.

2. I was a member of the ‘Curosurf family’, and as such invited by Serono and Chiesi to a series of European meetings on surfactant replacement until 1996. In 2006 I participated in a task force on the development of a European guideline for the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome that was sponsored by Chiesi. This was repeated in 2010, 2012, 2016, 2019 and 2022. I did not receive a honorarium.

3. I held a research contract - on behalf of an academic group - with Novo Nordic A/S with a total value of 3 mio Dkk in the period 2002-5 with the purpose of studying the effect of third trimester fetal growth of metabolic and endocrine health in adolescence. I did not hold any personal salary or benefit.

4. I served as a member of the Data Management and Safety Committee during a proof-of concept study of a selective oxitocin antagonist conducted by Ferring in the period from 2003-7. My per-hour honorarium was payed to an account for educational purposes at the clinic of neonatology.

5. I am the primary investigator of the SafeBoosC project testing the clinical value of monitoring cerebral oxygenation by NIRS in newborn infants. I this context I contributed the development of a prototype instrument built at the University of Zurich. I hold no IP rights and have no other economic involvement in this. Furthermore, I have contact with device manufacturers and have provided advise but have had no personal salary or benefit.

6. I serve as the chairman of the Data Monitoring Committee for a randomised clinical trial of a nutritional product on brain development in preterm infants sponsored by Danone-Nutricia. The per-hour honorarium is paid to the research fund of Department of Neonatology.

7. I have lectured in congresses and international courses. My travel, hotel, or meals has occasionally been paid directly by industry, but I never received an honorarium.

Vested interests

1. I have provided care to ill and immature newborn infants for many years and want to see this as meaningful.

2. I am employed in a public hospital that needs to choose among worthy services to deliver. Therefore I see value for money as a necessary criterion.


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