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The Capital Region of Denmark - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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In specialist training to become a medical oncologist, PhD student in neuro oncology

Main research areas

Brain tumors; glioblastomas; next generation sequencing (NGS); tumor profiling; precision medicine 

Current research

Enrolled as PhD-student April 1st 2016. PhD-project with the tiltle "Development and evaluation of precision medicine in patients with brain cancer WHO grade IV glioblastoma (GBM)".

Aims and objectives
1) To determine the genetic tumor profile in GBM
2) To investigate the prevalence of specific molecular and possible targetable abnormalities in patients with GBM
3) To investigate treatment-related changes in the genetic profile in order to identify possible mechanisms of resistance to standard therapy (when having second surgery for recurrence).
4) To establish and develop precision medicine based upon the genetic tumor profile
4a) Include patients with relevant genetic tumor profile in protocols with precision medicine
4b) To evaluate the effect of the precision medicine 


Potential conflicts of interest

Subinvestigator in one phase 2 and one phase 3 immuno protocol for patients with primary GBM, sponsored by BMS (CheckMate 209-498 and 209-548)

ID: 42237375